Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Main Services

  • A
    Headshots, Actors, Dancers and Models.

    The much needed Headshot for Actors, and the Zed card for models and dancers can be shot all in one day.

    At Red Box we can create your identity design a Zed Card and organize Make up and Hair stylists to create your super look.

  • B
    Business Identity Portraits

    What is a Business Identity Portrait?, well it's what its says a Portrait of the business portraying the managing director and his team.

    This can be at the workplace or at a location that resembles the company.

  • C
    Fashion & Glamour Shoots

    At Red Box we have shot Fashion in Hollywood and produced Editorials for Magazines in Vegas although Blackpool is not the centre of the fashion World, we have some great retro locations in the North West.

    Contact us for some unique unused locations you will just love, and will be amazing for any fashion shoot.

  • D
    Commercial & Advertising Shoots

    At Red Box we can produce the shots needed for your new website, products, places and people.

    Brochures are still needed in this digital World, we can shoot design and layout your products and items and organize the finished printed product.

Completed Services

Jamie Raven form Britains Got Talent dropped into th studio for his new promo shots, great guy and great shots...

James More


9 secs to save the World........

Wallace & Gromit Ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was a great shoot, the challenge was to shoot carriages and models separate from the scenes and then composite together in Post Production, the shoot was great and the resulting pictures worked out amazing.

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