Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Commercial & Advertising Shoots

At Red Box we can produce the shots needed for your new website, products, places and people.

Brochures are still needed in this digital World, we can shoot design and layout your products and items and organize the finished printed product.

There will always be a need for a printed brochure, and if you want to sell in this competitive environment then the pictures have to look great with good lighting and product placement. 

We know that everyone these days is a photographer and many try to take a product picture on their Iphones etc, but this will not work!  you will be out of business before they release the next IPhone model!. So don't delay contact us to improve your brochure and product photography.

At Red Box we can also cover Press shoots for Promotions, Openings, and Events, supplying photography for upload to the press within minutes if needed, plus we can portray any event for posterity and your Social media needs.

Contact us for all your needs Press or otherwise.

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