Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Headshots, Actors, Dancers and Models.

The much needed Headshot for Actors, and the Zed card for models and dancers can be shot all in one day.

At Red Box we can create your identity design a Zed Card and organize Make up and Hair stylists to create your super look.

As a Dancer going for an audition you need to be able to leave your calling card, something to remember you by, you can always email a digital file but nothing is going to impress more than a hard copy on the editors desk. We can create that Zed card design and print it for you at Red Box we have years of experience in creating these products and just know what is needed to do it right.

An Actor needs a great Headshot, at Red Box we can shoot in the studio and mix it up with a shot on location (weather permitting), with our long lenses we can get an amazing depth of field with very nice diffused lighting, to make the shots look amazing. Here at Red Box we have the equipment to do this, many other photographers do not have this equipment, so don't gamble on your headshot get it done professionally after all it is your future and first impressions help in getting that major role..

Different looks and outfits and lighting sets all create a great recipe for a varied Zed Card shot all in one day. We will give you five looks and changes and change up the lighting concept for each look to create an amazing Zed all you have to do is perform to the camera.

Contact us to talk about what your needs are, we are here to help and listen.

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