Friday, April 27, 2018

A Few Words About Red Box



  • “Once again thank you very much for all your work and help. We will certainly want to do it again...”

    Steve Bor..Bor Productions

  • “Fantastic time at the studio, loved my shoot.”

  • Steve Bor
    Great Production Shots.
  • Elizabeth Green
    Amazing Pictures

Why Choose Red Box

  • Photography For The Next Generation.

    Red Box Studios are at the cutting edge of the latest technology. All studio shoots are shot on the ultimate Pro Hasselblad cameras with the highest resolution and colour depth, ideal for advertising and billboards. Fast paced shoots are shot on 14 frames per second Canon D1s guaranteed not to miss a beat.

  • Specialist In Our Fields of Photography

     A specialist Photographic company in the entertainment and advertising industry. Creating and implementing new ideas for a fast moving photographic industry. Amazing graphic designers that can make the impossible possible.

  • A Diverse Photographic Company

    Photographer Stephen Lee operates the studio with a talented workforce that can turn its hand to shoot anything from Simple Portraits to Fashion Shoots and Huge Advertising Projects in the UK and USA

  • Interesting Locations and Retro Areas.

    Blackpool has a lot of interesting locations that are simply undiscovered, retro areas for fashion shoots, downtown streets that can make some cool backdrops and along the coast undiscovered spots for very interesting shoots.